Every relationship goes through rocky times, and as time goes on unresolved issues can wear on the fiber of even the best relationship. Katherine is trained in Imago™ Relationship Therapy, making her exceptionally prepared to restore damaged relationships between couples in which one or both of you have experienced trauma.

Katherine believes that couples fall into painful patterns when judgment and criticism prevail, blocking the way for true understanding and connection.

With her understanding of human behavior and her belief that couples are capable of bringing each other joy precisely because of their differences, Katherine is specifically equipped with the skills to counsel couples who have repeatedly fallen into destructive patterns that stifle their day-to-day happiness.

She shows you how to help each other heal childhood scars by rediscovering and enjoying the qualities that drew you together in the first place, making it possible to restore closeness, intimacy and meaningful connection.

Katherine has great success, in particular, counseling men who are otherwise reluctant to try counseling and is often praised by her male patients as being easy to talk to, nonjudgmental, and fair-minded.

Her Toolbox for a Joy-Filled Life group sessions offer groups specifically tailored to couples. Class openings are on a rolling basis. Call us at 503-705-2194 to inquire about registration or for more information.




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