Her Approach

Katherine Calvert, MSW, LCSW is trained in Radically-Open DBT, DBT (Dialectic Behavior Therapy), Imago Relationship Therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing). She offers a unique group therapy called Toolbox for a Joy-filled Life, which draws on principles from Imago and DBT and has proven to be in high demand and enormously successful.


Radically-Open DBT
Radically-Open DBT is a treatment developed by Thomas Lynch, PhD. These are evidence based skills that can be taught individually, as a couple or in a class to increase the capacity to be open and flexible in a relationship. These important skills enhance a sense of social connectedness with the people who matter the most in our lives. As we learn to flexibly respond to the distress in our life we develop a deep sense of emotional well-being. To watch Katherine lead a Loving and Kindness meditation using Radically-Open DBT, go to ‘Videos’ under the ‘Resources’ tab.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
DBT, a set of skills originally developed by Marsha Linehan, to teach people techniques to cope effectively with difficult situations, regulate their emotions, tolerate distress, increase their awareness of the present experiences and to engage with others in a wise-minded and nonjudgmental way.


Imago Relationship Therapy
Imago Relationship Therapy is an approach that reveals the root causes of conflict in partnerships. The creator of Imago, Harville Hendrix, believes that “we grow into adulthood with an emotional map of what love is like when it is present but with emotional scars that are left when it is absent” and called this emotional blueprint “The Imago.” We choose a person who fits our Imago and loves us in the way we recognize from our parents. Over time, this leads to struggle and painful interactions. Imago Relationship Therapy teaches the “intentional dialogue process” to create new patterns of intimacy.


EMDR (A Modality for Treating Traumatic Memories)
EMDR is a treatment developed by Francine Shapiro to treat traumatic memories that feel overwhelming and contribute to a loss of self in almost every aspect of our lives. EMDR has proved extremely successful to victims of rape; sexual, physical and emotional abuse; veterans of military combat; and survivors of car accidents and other traumatic events.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
Developed by Pat Ogden, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy addresses how trauma affects the body, emotions and thoughts. As the person’s life re-focuses on a healed healthy present, the painful experiences feel more distant, yet part of an integrated understanding of self but no longer a daily focus.