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Are you a person who goes silent in the face of conflict?
Do you smile when you actually feel distressed?
Do your relationships feel distant and aloof?
Do you sometimes feel lonely?
Do you feel like you are different from other people and even wondering if true love is possible?
Are you usually careful, vigilant and can plan ahead?
Do you consider yourself a good problem solver, have high attention to details, perhaps even perfectionistic?
Do you avoid taking risks and like a sense of order and predictability?
Do you sometimes react in intense anger and feel really embarrassed or ashamed later?
Do you enjoy solitary activities?


Or perhaps…

Are you a person who experiences intense emotions and has difficulty holding back?
Are you told you are too emotional and you need to “calm down”?
Do react quickly and regret it later?
Do you consider yourself spontaneous, adventurous, or impulsive?
Do you like the limelight, center stage, love to entertain?
Do you eat too much, drink too much and wish you didn’t?
Do you feel rejected or judged by your intimate partner and react so intensely you push them away?
Do you wear your emotions on your sleeve?
Do you enjoy a crowd?

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