Parents of Teenagers

Navigating the hazards of teenage life is among the most frustrating and perplexing challenges of a person’s life. Parents often feel like they’re walking a fine line between being too strict and too lenient and are often left feeling utterly defeated no matter what choices they make. Learning to strike the right balance between setting limits and encouraging independence is actually a skill that Katherine teaches parents to master.

As the parent, you’re ironically in the most difficult position to get through to your children, since your opinion of them, with the possible exception of their peers, means the most. Since teenagers are literally in the process of becoming adults and experiencing new, complex emotions for the first time, supporting them through rites of passages can feel like a minefield. Katherine has significant experience working with the parents of adolescents to help build and support healthy, productive lives for their children.

By using humor and compassion and a highly developed intuition that seeks to validate their emotional experiences, Katherine helps parents navigate their children’s teenage years, helping them respond effectively to the torrent of confusing, hormone-fueled daily crises. Parents will create a plan that anticipates teenage angst rather than just react to it and build communication skill to defuse tensions. The ultimate goal is to build family connections.